Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids

1. Dogs can be ready to leave the house in 5 seconds flat. 

2. Dogs love nap time 

3. Dogs don’t need their own cell phone 

4. Dogs don’t care if the peas touched the mashed potatoes. 

5. Dogs can be housetrained in 3 months 

6. Dogs don’t have to have the latest fashions 

7. Dogs never grow out of being kissed in front of their friends 

8. Dogs are not embarrassed if you sing in public. 

9. Dogs don’t constantly ask you “Why” 

10. Dogs don’t ask you for money 

Oh and there’s one more bonus reason……. 
If your dog get pregnant you can always sell her offspring.


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids

    • Yeah, but they do need rabies shots and heartworm meds, and toys and bones, and if they had cellphones you’d be able to call them if they ran away….

  1. Very good. However one similarity my dogs have to my kids. They know where the treats are. You only have walk near or stand near the treat drawer and two very hungry animals appear, drool on your feet, wag tails and point their fuzzy eyebrows in the direction of the the treat draw. I stand there on purpose sometimes, just to watch the eyebrow pointing.
    At least they don’t throw tantrums when I say no.

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