Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Way Better Companions Than People!


1. Dogs don’t care that you’ve just been dumped or got laid off. In fact, they’re likely to really appreciate any extra time you can offer them in your emotional convalescence.

2. Dogs are the best listeners in the world. If you’ve got an issue to hash out, they’re great at paying attention (though I find this always works best when I’m eating anything with peanut butter on it).

3. Dogs are always happy to do things your way and on your schedule. But peanut butter helps here, too.

4. Dogs love you just the way you are. Why stress out over those extra pounds, crappy job, thinning hair or messy home when in your dog’s eyes you can do no wrong?

5. Your parents will almost universally approve of your pick of dogs. Your choice in friends? Not so much.

6. Old friends and new dogs almost always mix. Unlike human-human interactions, which can be unduly adverse, jealousy is rarely an issue.

7. Dogs are equal opportunity snugglers. Whether you’re sick or you just got a bad haircut, they’re 100 percent judgment-free.

8. If you need exercise, dogs are eager to comply. Dogs are always happy to play along or watch – without all that needless heckling of your downward dogs.

9. When it comes to relaxing, dogs are always there for you. For example, at TV time, they’ll always cede the remote to your control.

10. You’re never too old for your dogs. Crow’s feet, spare tires and leaky pipes mean nothing to them. Your easy way with a spoonful of peanut butter, however…




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