Maybe Time Share is the Best Solution.

Recently I wrote a blog regarding off-leash parks and the rights of those who hate them.  I discussed how in no time at all, off-leash areas become gross, muddy swamps where nobody wants to take their dogs.  I guess the municipalities, in their infinite wisdom figure that if it’s just an area for dogs, why should they look after it.  So we go back to the problem of people letting their dogs off-leash in the regular park area.  Whether it be forest trails or a little spot of green in the heart of the city, it’s becoming a problem.

Our local newspaper just published yet another article about the rising anger of the non-dog owners, who have to deal with all these animals running free.  The SPCA does not have the manpower to keep on top of loose dogs, nor should they have to….  So what would happen if we shared the park?  What would happen if there were dedicated times throughout the day when dogs could run free?  Would it be so bad?  Well, the haters will tell me that the dog owners will not be responsible and will not clean up after their pets, and I will have to disagree.

Imagine a sign.  It reads “Warning:  There will be dogs off-leash in this park between the hours of 7-8 am 3-4 pm and 8-9 pm.  Dog owners, please pick up after your pets.”  Since the municipal workers will now have more time on their hands as they do not have to clean the off-leash areas, they could use this time to put more garbage containers around the park.  Since the SPCA will no longer have to be patrolling all over hell’s half acre trying to catch people breaking the leash laws, they could actually be doing more important things like saving injured animals.  And as for the folks who are terrified of dogs and don’t want them running free?  Well, you have 21 hours to use the park, feel free to use it at anytime during those 21 hours.  Would it be so bad?  I don’t think so.


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