Please check in with the crazy dog lady at the top of the street!

I know I’ve mentioned the Crazy Dog Lady before, but here we go again.  Crazy Dog Lady, or CDL as she will henceforth be known, lives at the top of my street, and she knows more than you or I could ever hope to know about dogs.  She knows every different breed, and all of their characteristics.  She knows how every dog will react to every situation no matter what, and she is more than happy to tell you about it!  If you are new to the neighbourhood, or pet sitting someone else’s pooch, and she has never seen the particular dog you are with, she will find you, and tell you everything you are doing wrong.  And trust me, there is always something you are doing wrong.CDL

CDL has some sort of sixth sense when it comes to new dogs in the ‘hood.  Its almost as though she is lurking behind every tree or bush, just waiting to jump out and educate you.  Day, night, morning, noon, holidays, weekends, weekdays….there is never a safe time to walk your puppy.  But now I have a new plan.  I am just going to hook up a little hyena puppy to a leash, and sign it up for some puppy walks.  That should solve that situation once and for all!



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