Worst TV Show Ever!

Being an animal lover, I do have a soft spot for wildlife TV shows.  Yes, I subscribe to Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic, and of course National Geographic Wild, and unless I am outvoted by an NHL game, this is mostly what I watch.  The other evening my son mentioned a new TV show that he thought I might like called ‘Urban Tarzan’.



The following statement from http://www.urbantarzan.com would seem to be true “He is fearless and lives an exciting and dangerous life, often risking his own to  save the lives of people and animals from injury and death.”  He, however, is not the problem.  The problem lies in the people he is trying to help.  I don’t know if these are re-enactments, but if so, the show should state that.  Each and every person he tried to help appeared to be an acting school drop out.  Their inane comments and actions made me feel like I was watching a sixth grade play.

During this episode, good ole’ Tarzan rescued a chimp who was all hopped up on cough syrup, an alligator who was thrown into a swimming pool by an irate ex-husband, and a pretty large sized bull trapped in a corn maze.  And while he made great rescues, and saved the world for another day, the show was entirely ruined by the poorly scripted acting and third rate cast.  I guess there is a reason this show is on Spike TV and not a more reputable station.


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