I thought my house was safe!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have a German Shepherd as part of my family.  Before we had this charming little lady, we had another Shepherd.  In the 13 years I have been with my husband, we have always had a German Shepherd.  As our family has grown, and our houses have changed, one thing has remained the same; every time I want to get a home alarm system, I am told not to waste my money.  There is no better alarm in the world than a good guard dog.  This is a fact.  She will bark to tell us when friends arrive, she will bark to let us know the neighbours have let their dog out, she will bark when the mail arrives, and she will bark especially fiercely when my in-laws walk in.  (I swear I had nothing to do with that)  The truth is, our door is hardly ever locked, because I always figure that if someone can make it past our shep, then they have earned whatever ill gotten gain they can find!  And then it happened.  The one thing that none of us ever expected.  A break in!

We were sitting in the family room two nights ago when the dog suddenly ran down the stairs to the basement.  She went so quickly in fact, that I thought she fell down the stairs, possibly having had a seizure.  When I asked my son, who was sitting much closer to the dog than I was, what happened, he said that it looked like she was chasing something.  After a minute or two, she came back upstairs and lay down in her usual spot, so we figured that maybe it was one of those hideous bugs with the 10,000 legs.  Five minutes later the exact same thing happened.  Being a big believer in letting the men be the heros, I sent my husband and son down to the basement to see what all the fuss was about


And there they found it, right underneath my work desk, a little field mouse.  Apparently there is a tiny hole on either side of the stairs where the baseboards don’t quite fit, and if you were to get into the skeletons of my home you would see that those walls lead directly to the garage.  Well, as much of an animal lover as I am, I am not a fan or rodents, especially in my house, but man, that little bugger could move!  As fast as he was, my husband and son did manage to corner him, eventually removing him from the premises.

As for my big, brave, watchdog?  Well, I think we’ll let her stay at her post.  She may not have caught the intruder, but at least she alerted us to his presence.  As she sits waiting expectantly at the top of the stairs like she has since the incident, I’m glad she doesn’t realize the holes are plugged and her friend is not coming back!



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