Dogs don’t suck, people do!


Being in the “pet industry” and known as an avid animal lover, I often get people asking me to join their causes.  The causes can range from anything from stopping the ivory trade to shutting down puppy mills, to banning animal products in make-up, to becoming a vegan.  Today however, I had a post left on my facebook page asking me to sign a petition for the removal of another facebook page entitled “Dogs Suck”.  I do try to learn about things that people want me to protest before I put my name to paper, so I did a little investigation.  It turns out that “Dog’s Suck 2.5” and “Dog’s Suck 4.0”  have a grand total of 117 people who “like” the page.  From what I can see looking over these two pages, there is really not anything bad going on here except a somewhat poor sense of humor.  Last I heard, you could not shut down a page just because someone thinks they are funny, but they are not. All the pictures are taken from either or various other internet news sources, and truth be told, I have seen them all before.

I guess my point is, who cares?  Is anyone suffering from these two pages?  Are any wars being started?  Are any animals being hurt?  

The answer is a resounding NO!  Please people, look at what you are protesting before you protest it and pass it around for other people to protest.  There are enough things worth fighting for in this world, that I would be happy to put my name on.  A teenagers attempt at humor is not one of them.


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