Nobody Loves Marineland

When I was a kid, the singsong phrase “everyone loves Marineland” was something that every child knew and every child wanted to be a part of.  We’d go there on school trips, long before the rides were up and running, to see the animals and the shows, and learn a little more about nature.  All that hooplah has come crashing down in the past few years with the realization that the animals, in fact did not love Marineland.   It has been shown that the animals have suffered terribly, and continue to do so.  The owner has fought against these accusations, but with very little effect as the facts speak louder than his lies. Yesterday, it came out that in 2010, two neighbourhood dogs got out of their yard which backed on to Marineland’s property, and ran into the park.  They happily found themselves at the deer enclosure running up and down the fence line, scaring the deer.  When staff called the two labrador mixes to the attention of the owner, it was suggested that someone call animal control to have the dogs picked up.  The owner of Marineland declined to make this phone call however, telling his staff instead that he would take care of the problem.  With that, he got his shotgun and killed the two dogs.  The two friendly dogs who were somebody’s pets.  I don’t know about where you live, but in Ontario, if a dog is running loose on your property, you do, in fact, have the right to shoot it.  But why would you?  What kind of sick human being do you have to be to just recklessly shoot an animal.  You are not using it for food, it was not posing a danger to you or your family, or your own animals.  What on earth would possess someone to wantonly kill two dogs?

ImageAfter shooting the dogs, this man then had them buried in the mass animal grave he keeps on his property.  If not for neighbours witnessing the entire episode, the dog’ would have never known what had happened.  In my humble opinion, there is no reason that the owner of Marineland should be allowed to keep his park open and filled with wildlife.  Haven’t these poor creatures suffered enough?


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