Spring Has Sprung

I think I would have to say that my favourite season is spring.  Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but as a wife and mother who works, I always seem to be looking ahead, and never seem to have the freedom to just enjoy the moment.  Even if it’s a quiet Saturday afternoon, I am looking ahead to what I have to make for dinner, or when my next deadline for work is, or what gift I’m going to buy that kid for his birthday party next week.  My mom assures me that when I finally do retire, and all four kids are out of the house, I will finally get the pleasure of living in the moment.

I guess the truth is that I love summer best, I mean who wouldn’t ?  Hot days filled with kids, and swimming.  Warm nights sitting outside with friends.  But as soon as summer hits, I can’t help but look ahead and realize that fall is just a few short weeks away.  Back to school, back to bad weather, back to the cold of winter.  So I will call my favourite season spring.  That way, when I look ahead, I have all of summer stretched out before me.

Besides that, spring is a pretty nice time of year.  In one week, we will be turning our clocks ahead, in about three weeks, we will see the first buds poking their heads above the soil and the buds on the lilacs swelling til they burst.  The birds return, the bees come back.  It really is a time of renewal, and it has the ability to lift my spirits to a point that I can’t remember why I was so damn miserable and depressed all of February.  But, alas, like everything in life, spring does have it’s moments of misery.  Take for instance the back yard.  As everything melts, our back garden turns into what I imagine the LaBrea Tar Pits to look like.  And being the proud owner of two large dogs, the dirt that is forever coming in the back door feels like a never ending cleaning test.  Mud on the glass from where they jumped up to let me know they were ready to come in, mud on furry bums from where they sit on the hill overlooking my neighbours yard, and mud in the paws.  It doesn’t really matter how well we wipe paws or how many times we wash them, the mud eludes us, only to come out the minute they run up the carpeted inside steps!  And lets not forget the hair. Spring is the time for getting rid of those heavy winter coats and lightening up for the warmer days ahead.

My german shepherd is not a terrible shedder.  If my previous shep was any indication, the really bad shedding comes as she gets older.  My golden, on the other hand, sheds like it’s an olympic event and he is the gold medal winner.  We normally shave him down as the days get warmer to do us both a favour, but at this point, its still a little too cold outside to make him naked.  So meanwhile, I decided to give him a really good going over with the brush, working each inch of his body with my brush to get as much undercoat out as I can.  (As I’m writing this I can hear my vacuum cleaner breathing a sigh of relief!) I never realized that a golden retriever is made up of a whole bunch of other golden retrievers!  I have never seen so much hair come off of one dog in one sitting in my life.  The more I brushed, the more came off.  I’m pretty sure Oscar lost ten pounds in a matter of thirty minutes!  But here’s the good news; spring has sprung, the undercoat is gone, the floors are clean, the dog looks great, and all I have to look forward to is the glorious warmth of summer.Image


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