Does the SPCA Have Too Much Time on Their Hands?

As I was leaving the house yesterday, I caught sight of two SPCA vans out on a mission in my usually quiet neighbourhood.  Being the nosey and curious person I am, I decided to follow.  You see, we have a crazy dog lady on our street.  The kind of person who often has 3, 4 or even 5 dogs at her house, lets them walk off leash, and blames you or your dog when they come running after you.  I guess I was just interested to see if someone had sent the dog catchers after her again.   But no; imagine my surprise when both vehicles pulled over at the curb, and the SPCA officers started going door to door to see which houses had dogs and if said dogs were licensed!  This is one of those moments when I cannot fathom the stupidity of bureaucracy.  Here you are, paying 4 officers, a salary, paying for the cost of gas to drive to my neighbourhood, and generally wasting their time, just to see if you can collect what might amount to $100 dollars in an entire neighbourhood.  Surely if our tax dollars are being used properly, there would be no funding for this kind of time wasting.  Meanwhile, the crazy dog lady up the street continues to tell the world that her dogs have rights too!  Way to go SPCA, way to go!Image


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